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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Training Venue for your Ongoing Business Training

In the corporate world it is easy to get stuck in a rut or even get complacent with the company’s daily activities.  If you want your business to grow and excel in your chosen industry, you need to ensure that your staff members are well equipped to assist clients and are also highly skilled in their line of work.  One way to ensure that your business always has the best possible service to offer is to encourage ongoing staff training and development.

For many businesses, it is the lack of a training room that affects the amount and regularity of training that the business can offer.  With the right venue and training rooms in Sandton, you can ensure that your staff training is carried out professionally, comfortably and at a venue that is safe and convenient for all participants.

Below are our top 3 tips for renting the right training venue:

  • Atmosphere: The venue should be representative of your business, portraying both a professional image and comfortable space in which to conduct company training sessions.
  • Location should be chosen wisely.  Your training rooms should be easily accessible to all participants and coaches / trainers.
  • Facilities: The venue should offer all of the facilities that you require, without needing to outsource any additional services, from safe parking to comfortable furnishing and all required services such as Wi-Fi, printing and copying, faxing, access to projectors, stationery and so on.

Sandton Coaching Centre offers a wealth of features and facilities designed to provide the ideal venue for staff training and development.  Everything that you require for your training sessions will be made available to you at an affordable rate.  Whether you are looking to rent workable meeting rooms or training rooms in Sandton for a once off training session, or regular monthly training sessions, Sandton Coaching Centre has just what you need.

While we have a variety of meeting, coaching and training rooms, 3 of our rooms are specifically dedicated to training events.  Consider the following options for your event:

If you would like to learn more about the specific features of each of our training rooms in Sandton, take the time to speak to one of our friendly consultants.  Contact us via email or telephone at Sandton coaching Centre for more information and advice today.

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