Coaching – Tips on How to Prepare for a Session

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Coaching – Tips on How to Prepare for a Session

Hiring one of our coaching rooms for your sessions?  You’re already off to a good start as the facility setup is taken care of by The Sandton Coaching Centre staff!  If you want to ensure that your coaching and training sessions are a success, it’s important to be fully prepared yourself – and that means more than just renting one of our professional coaching and training rooms.

Coaching forms a vital part of any business training and development program and if you are a professional corporate coach or trainer, you need to develop training sessions that are mindful, interesting and of course, highly effective.  It’s not enough to merely spend time addressing a topic with your group.  You will need to get your delegates actively involved in the session and present them with content that is more than just thought provoking.  It should actually spur them into action or inspire them to achieve greater goals (or at least set them in place).

If you’re worried that you might not be fully prepared, we’ve pieced together a few tips on how to prepare for a session, for the most effective outcome.

  • Establish what the objective of the coaching session is.  Knowing what the ideal outcome of the session is can help you to plan better.  You can do this by meeting with the managers arranging the session and gathering more information on the company / group, and industry that they work in, what skills they want to develop and so on.  You should also ask for some information on the delegates themselves so that you can plan course content that will be easily understood and interesting to all participants.
  • Keep the course content fun and interesting.  Sparking an interest in your delegates can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your coaching session.  While you might have generic or standard content that you present, try to customise each session or course according to the group you are coaching, and their specific objectives.
  • Be prepared to work with a group of people with different skills sets and levels of understanding.  The point of coaching isn’t to provide assessment or evaluations, but to provide helpful / mindful assistance with developing skills or promoting innovate thinking.  Prepare mentally and emotionally for being open, helpful and professional with each delegate.

Do you need more information on coaching rooms and facilities for hire?  Contact us at Sandton Coaching Centre today and keep an eye on our blog and events for useful coaching and training advice!

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