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The practicality of renting meeting rooms in Sandton

Having access to meeting rooms in Sandton could be the very thing that spurs your business on to success.  Many Gauteng based businesses simply don’t have the office space or premises to cater to the type of professional and sizeable meetings that are critical to the growth and development of their business.  At Sandton Coaching Centre we have recognised this need and taken the time to ensure that our facility has everything you require to host professional business meetings.

What does Sandton Coaching Centre have to offer? 

Importantly, our meeting rooms are a viable alternative to those who have been making use of their private residence, restaurants or public venues to host meetings.  We offer valuable meeting rooms to rent to business owners and representatives that take the success and image of their business seriously.  Our 6 well-appointed meeting and training rooms offer 3 rooms specifically designed and set up to cater to professional business meetings and coaching.

When choosing to partner with Sandton Coaching Centre as your meeting venue of choice, you can expect a wealth of benefits and advantages.  We don’t simply provide private meeting rooms that are elegantly furnished, comfortable and fully serviced.  We also offer a prime, easily accessed location, an upmarket atmosphere and a friendly service from each of our staff members.

There are good reasons why hiring our meeting rooms in Sandton are more viable than renting or buying your own premises, we take a look:

  • Save money / minimise overheads: Our meeting rooms are affordable with options to hire them for a few hours, half day, full day or even on a set schedule, monthly.  You will only need to pay for the time that you are making use of the meeting room, therein cutting back on the cost of business premises.
  • Reduce time consuming responsibilities: Our meeting rooms and surrounding premises are well maintained.  By hiring your meeting rooms, you won’t need to fork out valuable profits on premises care, cleaning, maintenance and repairs.
  • No lengthy contracts: When you sign a lease or purchase premises, the contract is long term.  By hiring our meeting rooms in Sandton, you can eliminate that risk.  In fact, you can discontinue your rental arrangements at any time.
  • Quick and easy access to business services:  When renting our meeting rooms in Sandton, there is no need to organise your own printers, fax machines, telephones and internet access.  We will ensure that all of these business services are made available to you and your meeting participants.

The Sandton Coaching Centre is designed to facilitate coaching, meetings and training sessions.  We are also ideally located near Sandton City, and we ensure that safe and secure parking is readily available.  We also offer catering if you require snacks and refreshments for your meeting.  We suggest that you consider the following 4 rooms for your next / upcoming business meeting:

If you are interested in renting one of our meeting rooms in Sandton for your next business meeting, contact us at Sandton Coaching Centre today!

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