Training Rooms for Individuals

Coaching Rooms for Hire - Room 7

Training Rooms for Individuals

Individual training is something that requires a quiet space where both trainer and student can concentrate, focus and feel comfortable. When looking for the ideal training rooms for individuals, make sure that you investigate the furniture available, the comfort level offered by the room and of course the other facilities and conveniences offered by the venue.

At Sandton Coaching Centre we have the ideal rooms for training individuals, available for hire. Each room is designed to offer a cosy, yet comfortable space for both trainer and trainee to relax and enjoy. We offer 3 rooms that are simply ideal for one-on-one training sessions and these are Room 4, Room 5 and Room 7.

Room 4 is the ideal training room for those who want peace and quiet. It is situated at the back of our centre where privacy is capitalised. The room has a warm and welcoming glow made possible by the large window that allows a great deal of natural night to stream in. This room is suitable for up to 4 individuals and offers light dimmers, a portable air conditioner and comfortable couch and 2 club chairs that really set the scene.

Room 5 is slightly smaller than room 4 and can comfortably cater to up to 3 people. The room is cool and bright and offers a comfortable recliner in one corner and 2 additional chairs. There is also a side table and bookshelf that tie in perfectly with the tasteful decor of the room. This is the perfect training room when privacy and quietness is required.

Room 7 is one of our most popular options, as it features a large window that runs the length of the room. This room with a view offers bright natural light and a modern appeal. The room, which can cater to up to 4 people, offers a comfortable couch, desk, chairs, bookshelf, side table and tasteful decor.

Now that you have learned a little more about our individual training rooms, let’s take a look at the various features offered by our centre as follows:

  • Safe and secure off street parking for 17 cars as well as a car guard available for vehicles parked on the street.
  • Wi-Fi access available across the venue at an affordable rate.
  • Tea, coffee and catering options available.
  • Additional equipment and furniture items available on request.
  • Rooms can be hired from 7am to 10pm and there are flexible rental packages available such as ad hoc, hourly, half daily, daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Close proximity to Sandton City and various malls, restaurants and similar.

It goes without saying that Sandton Coaching Centre is geared towards providing a suitable venue for professional trainers, coaches, therapists and similar. If you aren’t sure which of our rooms are best suited to our needs, we welcome you to pay us a visit or give us a call and chat to one of our friendly and helpful consultants.

Contact us at Sandton Coaching Centre to learn more about our training rooms for individuals today.