Book one of our training rooms for rent

Our training rooms for rent have enough space to accommodate groups of between 8 and 22 participants. Room 3 is our flagship training room and accommodates the maximum with its own private shaded parking. Rooms 1 and 2 accommodate up to 12 and 8 participants and are situated close to one another which is perfect when two training facilities are required at once.

All 3 training rooms have plenty natural light and windows and can be dimmed using blinds and dimming light switches. The temperature of each room is adjustable with fitted air conditioning units. Combinations of furnishings including desks, chairs, side tables and book shelves are available in all 3 training rooms.

Training room 3 includes all the necessary equipment for training and workshops including 2 large whiteboards, a whiteboard, a flipchart and markers. A ceiling mounted projector and pull down screen is available as an optional extra. The room is well furnished as a training room for rent with 8 desks & chairs that can be arranged in multiple ways. A single hexagonal table of 8 desks can be used for meetings. A combination of 6 desks facing each other with a smaller hexagonal island of 2 desks in the middle is great for workshops. A theatre style arrangement of 8 desks facing the screens works well for conventional training.

Each of our training rooms for hire are available for hourly rental, half day mornings between 7Am – 1PM, half day afternoons between 1PM – 6PM, evenings between 6PM – 10PM and full day bookings.